About Us

Our firm strives to excel at meeting market demands, while bringing value to investors and our local community. We continue to share the traditional value of ALOHA through our residential, hospitality, and commercial projects.

Who We Are

GreeneWaters was founded in 2008 with a focus on the four major islands of Hawaii. As the single largest purchaser of foreclosed properties at auction in Hawaii, we have successfully positioned ourselves in several facets of real estate.

Current projects include bulk condominium purchases and conversions, new construction development projects, subdivision and hospitality projects.

GreeneWaters prides ourself in our ability to excel at meeting market demands, while delivering value to investors and the local community. We strive to perpetuate and operate guided by the traditional value of ALOHA through our residential, hospitality, and commercial projects. By remaining focused on a thoughtful diversification of real estate opportunities, we hope to continue to prosper in all market conditions.

Our Mission

As an international firm, we provide consistent above market returns for our investors, fill market demand and needs, create unique experiences and locations where families and friends can come together in the spirit of Aloha, all while extending ourselves in hopes to leave the world a better place.

Being a Hawaii based company, our company culture is centered around aloha and ohana (family). We strive to improve the quality of all of our lives and those around us, financially, emotionally and spiritually. We attract like minded people who are that are aligned with our objectives, goals and values.

Our team members live a balanced life paying careful attention to their actions correlating with their values. Success on the job is not possible without equal success in all other areas of life – health, family, spiritual, and community.

Chad Waters
Chad combines his progressive vision with objective driven strategies to achieve profitability. He is not driven by what has been accomplished but enjoys immersing himself in what is possible. As a visionary, he is often able to see opportunity where others may not. Professionally Chad has over 22 years of extensive knowledge, education and training in all aspects of real estate.

Amongst his peers and colleagues, he is respected and can be described as ambitious, thorough, competent, and is a resilient problem solver.

During his down time, Chad enjoys spending quality time with his two energetic children and believes in a work/life balance. He often looks for inspiration from nature when hiking, stand up paddling, and canoe paddling.

  • GreeneWaters (2008 – current), Managing Partner
  • Bridge Real Estate (2009 – current), Founding Partner
  • Waters Fund Management, LLC (2004-2006), Managing Partner 
  • Real Estate Unlimited, Inc.  (1994-2004), President

Tyler Greene
Professionally Tyler has nearly two decades of real estate and development experience both nationally and in the local Hawaiian market. His personal mantra is to work efficiently while maintaining relations that will encourage and foster success with all parties involved. Tyler has a sincere desire to elevate his knowledge as an individual, professional, and father.

Tyler began his career with Colliers International and continued his journey of gaining skills and real world experience. Leveraging his knowledge and desire to excel, he started his own real estate brokerage and development firm servicing Fortune 500 clients and real estate developers in Nevada, California, Arizona and Utah. In 2008 he relocated to Hawaii and joined forces with Chad Waters in building what is now GreeneWaters Group LLC.

Tyler recently became a proud father of twin boys, and is an avid golfer, surfer and snowboarder.

  • GreeneWaters (2008 – current), Managing Partner
  • Bridge Real Estate (2009 – current), Founding Partner
  • Bridge Properties Group (2003-2008) Las Vegas, Nevada, Founder/Owner
  • Colliers International (1998- 2002) Salt Lake City, UT, Commercial real estate broker